I'm Angie –
a user focused designer.

Why I do what I do

Over the years, I've learned that I have a talent for making strong associations between things that are seemingly unrelated. I see patterns in everything.

I'm a natural empathizer at heart and have a strong curiosity for understanding the complex behaviors and motivations of people. I find it tremendously rewarding to use my thinking process create simple solutions to enhance the users' experiences.

What I also enjoy

I love a good cold brew coffee. I believe that cappuccinos are perfect for rainy days.

When I'm not working on new ideas you can find me climbing in various ways. Rock climbing or climbing hills on my bike.

I also enjoy listening to Florence and the Machine, thinking about mountains, and mourning the unrealized potential of my favorite soccer team, Arsenal.

The Designer

Thinking best with a utensil in hand.

What drives me

Years of retail, coaching, and work in professional sports taught me that I love bringing unique experiences to individuals. I get joy out of making someone's experience seamless and memorable.


That a-ha moment when realizing that there's a better way and then moving forward to make it happen is what fuels my passion.


I've never been one to fall in the groupthink trap. I enjoy taking a step back and looking at the problem in different ways.


I chase excellence. There's always a better way – today's solutions are stepping stones to better thoughts.

Why you should work with me

I'm hilarious

Dry and sarcastic, I keep morale up by making wry, good natured comments everyone can relate to. My gif game is also pretty stellar.

I'm a great teammate

I trust my teammates' experiences and thinking to help shape our design. This is why we have teams!

I can take criticism

I know not all ideas are good ones – although sometimes I don't see it at first. When someone helps me see the forest for the trees, I respect their candor.

Want to work with me? Get in touch